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Monday, 14 May 2012

Lights, garden and stitches

 More on Patchwork sampler, with all this rain, there is nothing else to do, I have used  the green pattern for a second time, it was used on the top right of this work, but I changed the colour, using the green which was used for the box I have removed.
 I like it as a complete piece, I have to tidy the dark grey and the mustard/green adding a few more stitches to close the gap. It looks right, I am trying to ensure I do not have all the joins at the same height.
 We popped to a garden centre and I purchased some coloured solar garden lights, I'm a bit fed up with just having blue lights, I did take a photo after dark, but the lights whilst looks very good, they do not show in a photo. And our poor BBQ is stuck there, unused, at least the garden looks so green.
We had a nice weekend with my sister, no craft shops, I really do not need anything, she did take back some of my unwanted items, so I have a bit more space in the office. I have not yet decided what to knit with my recent purchase of wool, I have not seen a pattern I like, I do have one I could use, if nothing else comes to light.

We did have two sunny days over the weekend, and the garden is looking good, but I am still very behind, loads of plants are not showing them selves, maybe the second dry winter has killed loads off. When we get back off holiday, I will look to replace any thing not in bud.


  1. Wow,like the changes,you can see more of the patterns.

  2. Hello

    Your sampler is so pretty!

    I like your new garden lights and I hope you get to use your bbq soon.

  3. Love the changes you made to this design, well done.

    Our garden lawn looks green and lush, but the plants are so way behind, as is the veg growing in the greenhouse, so damp everywhere. We too experienced 2 wonderful sunny days over the weekend and it was so lovely.

    Happy stitching and knitting!

  4. Your sampler looks lovely and looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Looked at those lights myself last week. It's amazing what a bit of sun does !



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