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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Goodbye to a good friend

 We had sun shine yesterday, 1st time in ages, so I popped into my garden to have a look around, my Maple is loving the sun shine, so full of colour. It loves it's life in a pot.
 I still have a few Bluebells, most have gone, but these in the corner looked good. It's nice to have different colour flowers in my garden.
 My Peony has loads of buds, not bad for a plant over 50 years old, it enjoyed it's move 3 years ago and I can't wait for the flowers to form, a real sign of better weather to come. the birds love to bathe in the water behind the plant. The garden is looking good after all our rain, I hope to be able to do some work in the garden this weekend, nothing too heavy just starting to tidy for the summer, if we have one.
 This is my good buddy, we have been together for 6 years, going every where, having loads of fun, and the best reliable mate a girl could want. Taking me to meet my first grand son, taking all of us on days out, never breaking down, getting to and from work each day, come rain, ice and snow, never giving me shocks when the MOT is due.
Yesterday I said goodbye, and part exchanged it for a new car, and I feel guilty, after years of no problem motoring, I just cast it aside. I felt so guilty driving off and leaving it behind, my work mates ask if I am excited with my new car, I say no, I'm sad and miss my 307, but they know I have strange ways.

We have a bank holiday on Monday so three days off, which will be fun, another busy weekend, Saturday a bit of shopping and a hair cut, Sunday Su and I are having a spar day, we have booked our lunch and a couple of treatments, as yet I will not be able to have a body massage, but I hope to have a foot massage. Monday a day at home.

I have been stitching will show you next time.


  1. WHEW! I though to ne of the dur~babies had died.

  2. Your maple is stunning.
    Enjoy the long bank hol weekend.
    I cried when I swapped my car lol



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