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Friday, 11 May 2012

stitching plans

 This is how I started the week, the boarder to the oblong box, ready to put my name and date, not using the designers pattern, yet another change, but that's the way I sew, always "improving", bit of a cheek to take someones beautiful work and change it.
 I started the pattern below the long box, still loving the designs, they way the patterns fall into each other, whilst others are given space to be a whole. All so very different.
 Then I thought, I don't want a box across the middle of the work, it's not me, and I have unpicked all the green. I will take the top and bottom patterns and let them crash in the middle, not sure what will work, it's a case of stitch it and see! so watch this space.
 Our little stray, Purdy is now becoming a family member, she has taken her time, Grace has always been my cat, so Kev now has Purdy, it's nice to sit and watch TV with a cat on your lap.
 The Peony in the garden is blooming, we have had a sunny day

 The colour is pure summer.
My sister is driving down for a visit, she lives in the village in Somerset, when my family home is, it's 106 miles away, about 3 hours drive, she will stay until Sunday. We have not planned anything, just to see what the weather is like and what we want to do.


  1. Your sampler looks gorgeous! It's great to be able to make changes to a design and make it your own.

    Beautiful flower photos!

    It's nice to see Purdy has a lovely home after bring a stray. Great photo of your hubby and her relaxing.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. It's amazing how you can change the pattern and it looks so natural :) I do like the colours (I keep saying that!). Have a nice weekend and let's hope the weather is slightly better.

  3. Purify is beautiful and looks right at home.



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