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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Watch this space

My stash arrived yesterday, I have never used threads such as these before, so I am excited, the pattern is not a cross stitch, but a short long stitch, so it should be a very quick pattern. I have not done any long stitch since I was a child.

We have done every thing in the garden,
my Acer and herb garden is looking colourful.

We have prepared the ground for the lawn, Kev worked yesterday morning, so by early afternoon, when we went shopping for the lawn turf, all the best had gone, we will pop out tomorrow to see if anywhere has new stock in. If not we plan to get out early next Saturday. So sometime soon we will have a lawn in our garden.

If where you are it's Mother Day, I hope you have a good day with your families, here we have another Bank Holiday Monday off, which is good, I plan to spend the day resting and sewing.

Yesterday I was very tired, so both daughters came over with Joshy and Sammy, and Steve Fliss's hubby, we had a quiet BBQ in the garden, well not that quiet, Josh is almost 6 now!

Kev is on a test drive with Su, she is still looking at new cars, later we hope to go out on the bike, the sun is shinning here, not as hot as it has been, but still sunny.


  1. Hello! Your garden looks beautiful, I really love it!:)
    I have never seen a long stich, so I am looking forward to see the result of your new work!
    Well yes, it's Mothers day in Hungary too, but I live far away from my family cause of my work,..
    I already called mum and my grnadma, but I miss them so much,,,:(
    I hope you can spend a lovely day with your families,,,
    Greetings from Jucó

  2. I love using those threads. Tip: Use only about 18" of thread other wise it splits in the eye of the needle.
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. You're flower garden is so lovely. I wish I had a garden to grow flowers in. Looking forward to seeing your long stitch project develop.

  4. I've never used those threads either. Have fun. Hope you are feeling better today and the bike ride is fun. Enjoy your weather. The flowers are looking wonderful! Sleep in tomorrow.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your next project :) Your acer is looking stunning - ours is not looking too good this year and I'm a bit worried about it :(



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