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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Going Green

It's been a very busy day here, but look a new lawn.

We are having a very busy time, I have been baking this morning, and doing the house work, whilst hubby has laid our new lawn, finally we have a garden!!

Last night we had heavy rain and thunder storms, and they are fore caste again for tonight, so that should help the grass. It's the first real rain we have had in months.

Tonight our daughter Su is coming around with her in-laws, Gav her husband is working, we are going to have a meal, hence the baking.

Tomorrow Fliss, Steve and the boys are popping in, we hope to go for a walk around Portchester Castle. I should have some time to stitch tomorrow, I am enjoying the long stitch project.


  1. Marlene your new grass looks great :) Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Kev did a wonderful job on the lawn! Looks great. Have fun with dinner and the kids tomorrow!

  3. Your garden looks beautiful!

  4. Spring is here and your garden look beautiful. I bet you will have wonderful evenings sitting outside.

  5. What a great job! So pretty & green. Time to have a picnik in the back yard!Looks really good.
    Now the only thing left to do is to enjoy it!



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