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Friday, 6 May 2011

Oh wow

I am sat at my desk, I can smell sweet apples.

This cheeky chap is smiling back at me.

Candy and the reason for the scent.

This soap is is gently spicy, citrus and feels wonderful.

But the best is last
Denise from Riverside Stitching has been busy
I love this heart, it was in a box of goodies
a nice surprise to greet me after work today

There is only one place for it, in our spare bedroom
I have an African theme in here,
and it matches the colours, perfectly.
I like to leave the door open so everyone can see in.

Thank you so much, it's always nice to have a surprise,
but such wonderful items,
I value your friendship, along with others met through blog land.
Your stitching is perfect,
I feel very honored you have sat and made such a lovely piece of work for me.

I have still lost my stitching mojo, but in truth I'm being very lazy at the moment, and enjoying having the time, I'm not worried, my stitching will come back, it always does, and with summer looming and those wonderful long light evenings.

Work is going well, I'm enjoying being in the office again.


  1. Surprise! lol

    Glad you enjoyed your gift. It looks wonderful in the spare room. Hope you can use the other goodies.

    btw - I met to write you to let you know it was coming. oops!

  2. Marlene the heart looks beautiful and your little picture is so cute. Love the African theme having lived there myself :)

  3. Don't look now, but I am silently sneaking into your African themed bedroom and stealing your stitched heart from Denise.

    If you happen to hear anything, it's not me . just the wind blowing into and out of the window . . . but, if the wind makes a THUD . . would you please come outside and pick me up?

    LOVE everything you received. The heart is on my TO DO list, and seeing it made up, makes me want to do it even more.

    Now, go back, smell your goodies and have a great weekend 0}

  4. Glad you liked your goodies.

    The heart looks great in your room. And don't let Paula have it - I've got something else planned for her! lol

  5. A beautiful heart given to you - will make your day! You are blessed. So lovely and sweet smelling - hey I was talking about the gluten-free candy! Thats some good stuff right there.

  6. Love the heart from Denise. it looks so delicate.

    My Hubby would love your themed bedroom as he spent a good few childhood years there.

  7. The heart from Denise is beautiful!!!



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