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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Flowers and stitching

 I got home to these sitting on my table, hubby saw them and thought of me!

I have been stitching for the past two nights and enjoying it. 

I have to order some more thread for this project, I did not notice the centre had a different colour, and I want to use clear glass beads, not the pale pink ones suggested with the pattern. 
When I have finished this piece, I want to have it framed, every one has said how pretty the colours are, it's so girly and light.

 I have also put Winter Watergarden back in my frame,

I am stitching part 2, part 6 is due out in 2 weeks, so I am very behind, I love the  colour changes in this pattern, the designer mixes soft smokey colours with harder lines, and it works so very well as you can see below with the reeds.

Had a drive of my daughter Su's new VW Polo last night, it's her first new car, she has worked hard to be able to afford one, so I'm very proud and pleased for her.
I have the day off tomorrow and I am going to the happiest cottage I know, visiting Fliss my oldest daughter and her son's Sammy and Joshy, I am promised a day of sunny smiles and laughter.
But for this morning I'm off to work.


  1. Ahhhh, sweet hubby! The flowers are as pretty as your stitching, beautiful colours.
    Have a lovely day with your daughter ~ sunny smiles & laughter ~ sounds perrrrfect xxx

  2. I just love your work The projects you pick are so pretty and have textures that make the projects interesting.

  3. Kev did a great job picking out flowers!

    You're stitching! And it looks wonderful. So light and airy!

    Have fun with the boys and glad to hear you got do drive the new car.

  4. What a lovely bunch of flowers from your hubby.
    Your stitching is coming along really well.
    Have fun with your oldest daughter!

  5. Just love the colors of those flowers. So sweet. Your Winter Garden looks great - good thing that you are stitching on it.

  6. Your flowers are lovely and your sewing as always is just beautiful :)



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