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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Saturday afternoon

I wanted to show you the cross stitch Fliss has made me, for my dolls house, it is perfect, I have a Chinese themed room and it takes pride of place.
Today has been busy, Su has visited and had her final fitting on her purple dress, I have sewn in the zip, on the outside, I will take a photo, that's fashion for you, this evening I will finish all the hand sewing and hem it.
It's sunny outside but a bit breezy so I have taken a walk around my garden, the peony is in full flower, with three more buds to follow, my seeds are growing well. But it's a day for being inside.
Below is Heffy, one of my mad cow collection, her body is attached to her legs by a spring and she gently wobbles, I love the expression on her face, she normally lives on my shelf on a patch of dolls house grass with some tree's, she is very happy there, but sometime I take her next to my beach house, but the sand is a bit soft for her hoofs.
The latest copy of my favourite stitching magazine from America was in the shops today, I have had a glance at it but I will check it out later with a mug of coffee.
Have a good weekend.

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