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Monday, 11 May 2009

Monday night thinking

This is my space and I love it, I can add what ever I like, pin as much cross stitch as I like on my walls, I have my miniature projects around me and through my window I can see my garden. I know I'm lucky, I have enough drawer space for most of my craft things, and I don't have to pack away a project when it's half finished just because I have run out of time.

My Desk runs along one wall and I can clutter it, I don't like alot of clutter in the main rooms of the house, and Joshy love to come here and print our sketches of Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and others, he knows where his felt pens and crayons are stashed. I'm in a reflective mood, we have a second viewing on our house this Saturday, and they have already put in a cheeky offer, which we rejected. So I sit here thinking I might have to pack all this away!
My beautiful flowers Kev brought me for our 25th anniversary are still looking good. I will keep you posted ref the house sale.

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