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Friday, 8 May 2009

Freaky friday

It has been another strange Friday at work today, I was sat at my desk and the guy from the unit next door looked as if he was dancing around the car park, so I looked out the window (as you would) and our car park was full of water and the level was rising fast. He was going to his car to move it before it got stuck there. We had a broken water main and the water was heading our way. First thought move my car and then phone the water board. As the water was lapping our doors they were able to turn the water off. It takes 4 vans and 7 men all day to mend a broken pipe. When I left tonight we still had a small lake for car parks, but the road was being put back.
It has been another sunny day, hence the photo of my sun catcher, I made this last year with the help of my sister, who did a two day course, I really had fun, but I think if I had another hobby Kev would move out. I can't just tinker with something I get so obsessive and head to the craft shops to buy everything I might need. I do love my wonky star.
I love Cati's and have them every where Joshy is not able to reach, Kev brought me a lovely Mothering Sunday present, the plants have been move to bigger pots and I have used the large white dish for a group of my spiky ones, this sits on my table. I love this photo, look at the beautiful grain on the wood on my dining room table.The cup plant below was a present and yet again it's spiky, the mug it sits in came from a trip to Germany, this one lives on my kitchen window sill.
The last photo is on a mini tea set, I brought from a maker in the USA, on e-bay, I fell in love with it and wanted it for my dolls house, when it arrived it was bigger than I expected but not full size so it sits in my cabinet, I love the colours and the shape. It looks old fashioned.
I have gardening planned for this weekend and cross stitch, and time with Fliss and Joshy, they came into my office for a visit this week, Joshy loved the vans and every one loved Joshy, oh to be so cute.

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