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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

October garden.

The white begonias have not faded, I moved them to this bed a week ago, I hope they will grow as well as the red ones, both are bedding plants and should die off each winter, but these red ones have been here for 2 years. I cut back the geranium last spring, so I won't do anything this year, it should fill the middle section next summer. These will keep flowering until the frost comes.
These forget-me-nots are behind the 2 long pots, which sit in the front of my raspberry patch, years ago I had strawberries in these pots, but the bugs ate them, now I grow flowers, soon I will pop in my homegrown pansies. The base of the raspberries always look scruffy, so I am hoping the forget-me-nots fill the lower levels, so far they are not ate by the slugs. 
My pots are looking good, they have all rooted, each pot has loads of grit in the bottom allowing good drainage, these plants will survive the cold, but hate having wet roots. The plants in the ground are slower to root, I am hoping I get ground cover, this area is heavy clay and most plants don't thrive here. 
Our blackberry harvest is almost over, we have had tons this year, I have cut back some of the branches, I don't like it too bushy along the side of the garage, encouraging it to grow around the shed where I have an arch. 
We are planning to cover this table and chairs soon, so I am enjoying this small display, I will move it one our green metal table, which stays out all year, but I can't see that so well from my chair inside. 
There is still so much colour around, it's mid October and the garden is still giving, most of my new plants are doing well, so I am really pleased, I do not miss the arch in front of the greenhouse, it was the correct thing to remove it, I can see into my greenhouse much better and the light should be good throughout the darker months. Removing the raised bed in the greenhouse has worked well for me, as I am now filling it with tender plants, I still have loads of space, before I had to weave myself around the plants inside. I have room for seedling for spring plants, normally I purchase all my spring plants. I popped my solar lights back into the greenhouse, I always have them undercover for the winter months, as a result, the greenhouse looks pretty each evening as the lights shine out. 
I have finished the second blanket for daughter to take for the fundraiser for Portsmouth Downs Syndrome, I did loads over the weekend. I had 2 very lazy days, Saturday with hubby, Sunday on my own. Other than news I don't think I watched any TV, I've not started a new book, in fact it has been a boring few days.  I did start this scarf, I have made the design before, infact 3 times, I don't need to look at the instructions at all, it's an enjoyable knit, which is just what I need, my last finish was here


  1. The garden is ever changing with small tweaks here and there, it keeps it interesting. I was trying to remember where I'd seen the scarf before and then I remembered that you'd knitted it previously. Lovely colours.

  2. That's a lovely pattern you are using. Where did you find it?

    1. It's called The Leftie scarf, I got it from internet, it did have a small cost, but it's such a lovely simple knit.

  3. Your garden is always so colourful and pretty, Marlene, reflects the amount of work you put into it. Lovely colours you're using for your scarf.

  4. I do love the scarf design, I know I say it quite often but you are very clever. don't have a very colourful garden at the moment. Except for my alstromeria which is still alive and in flower. I know it dies back in the winter. I will take it with me as I managed to save it from death!

  5. You still have lots of lovely colour in your garden. I have potted up my geraniums and put them in my little blue house in the hope i can use them again next year. Your scarf is growing nicely, you'll have it done in no time

  6. Isn't it lovely to still have colour in the garden right now. I love the little watering can shapes in the top picture too, I've never seen anything like them before 🙂

    Stay safe x

    1. They are part of a rain chain I purchased from TK Max, there were too many so I cut these off and used them here.

  7. Your garden is still so lovely.

    That scarf is gorgeous.

    God bless.

  8. I think your garden is still looking nice and colourful.

    All the best Jan



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