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Friday, 8 September 2017

Look at me now

Look who can stand himself up
 On Monday, just 4 days ago, 
I was marveling about how well Will was sitting on his knee's
 A little while ago I was given this black checked fabric
today I was given a role of the black cotton fabric
I can see a bag design here. 
My daughter has confirmed she loves the fabrics I have purchased
 for the cot quilt and floor of the reading wigwam
She does love shades of grey
 I could not resist this design, I got a larger piece to use.
 A new author to me
I have finished the book, but won't read her again. 
The past couple of days has flown by, I have not done too much, been feeling under the weather, I feel as if I have a cold coming, runny nose, which is typical as we are away to France at the weekend, not in the camper van, holidaying with daughter, her hubby and Will.
I have sorted all the fabrics for Will's winter cot quilt, plus when I sew his reading wigwam, I will make a quilted base, and loads of cushions. I now have everything ready to start sewing once we are back home.
When I made the cushions for my friends camper van she gifted me the black check fabric left over, stating I had saved more material in my cutting out. She used the black material for curtains, using the heavy cotton black out material, it does fell like suede, she said she would look out the leftovers and I could have it. I was surprised there must be 2 meters on the roll, she would not let me pay her, she has sold her sewing machine and won't do any more sewing.  I can't imagine anyone not loving sewing, it's been apart of me all my life.
Yesterday Will and mummy popped in to see us, he is everywhere, now preferring to be on his feet, our cats hid themselves behind the sofa, I turned their baskets so Will could not see them. Will loved standing at our patio doors and watching the garden, shouting at the big birds. Mummy said he got up three steps of the stairs yesterday, so no where is safe, they have gates and guards everywhere.
The next street to our had loads of vandals Wednesday night, vehicles and property were marked with marker pens, some of the things written not nice, they also damaged the house across the street from ours, but  did not mark our van parked nearby, which we are very pleased about. The local police officer asked us to check our CCTV, but it was dark and the settings do not cover too much of the pavements, so we could not see anyone. It seams a couple of the neighbours had words with lads in the evening and the police think they came back.
Later today we are packing, we are going in the car, so we can take loads with us, we are just 30 minutes drive from Portsmouth Ferry terminal.


  1. Happy hols. Love all your fabric so happy sewing on your return. Our readers' group has just finished "Exposure" by Helen Dunsmore and it had a mixed response-I loved it! Beautiful Will-you are so blessed. Catriona

  2. Lovely fabric, look forward to seeing what you make.

    Oh my, your grandson will be walking in no time now!
    Have a great holiday

  3. Hope you have a lovely family break. Florence likes to be standing all the time and shuffles round the furniture now too.

  4. What a gorgeous little chap.
    I hop you feel better soon x

  5. Wow I love that little airplane fabric. Really scary about the neighborhood, hopefully that incident will be the end of it.

  6. What a cute little guy. Enjoy your family time!

  7. Soooo cute 😀 they take leaps and bounds at this age.

  8. Wow, look at Will, it doesn't seem two minutes since he was born. It makes me so annoyed when I hear of senseless vandalism such as this, I hope they catch whoever did it. Have a wonderful holiday.

  9. I heard that book on Radio 4 recently and struggled with the ending a bit = especially the bit wandering around the fog and the marshes in Bristol gorge/river! Senseless vandalism is so worrying for you.

  10. I love the fabrics too, what a lovely collection. Oh your grandson is a cutie and as you say no where is safe!! Enjoy your holiday. I'm holidaying soon too and I cant wait.

  11. Hi Marlene - just popped over for a peek at your lovely blog before bedtime. I will be back for a longer browse - it seems we have some common interests. Thanks fot the BT tip. Viv



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