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Monday, 3 July 2017

Read, spend save

An old fashioned love story, set mostly in the 60's
as I read each love letter it appeared in my head in the voice of Liam Neeson, well it worked for me. This book was way better than Me before You. I recommend it's one to read.  
 Rachel at Eternally 28, posted regarding using tea towels for sewing she made bags. What a great idea and cheap fabrics, these 3 tea towels cost me £1.99, they are a nice size and the fabric is brilliant. 
 I have done a fair bit of shopping, the navy sandals I told you about in my last post, they were half price from Clarks  and the flip flops were from Next, they are just pretty. I do like quality shoes.
 I got this butterfly house for £2.99 for the bottom of the garden, to go aside my bug houses, I'm not sure how many are being used, but I do like the look of it.
 Another under spend this month
I've £30.51 under spent this year
We have not done much in the last week, I was feeling a bit off colour in the week,  reading took priority with my time, the TV has been off most of the time. This next couple of weeks it's all on board for tennis.
We spent the weekend in Somerset, hubbies family got together Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtime. It was fun to catch up and have time to sit and chat.
We spent time with our beautiful Somerset boys, Logan and Finn, how quickly they grow up.
Few plans for the coming week, just get another working week done, the office is very quiet, so I have been playing games on my phone this afternoon, the bosses are just not watching how we spend our time.
Now I need to catch up with my reading, find out what everyone is up to.
On a sad note we are busy most weekends this month, so no trip in the campervan.
My steps were down last week, 59,728, which is on average 8532 per day. Today I'm back up to 12476, but as I have just ate a Galaxy Ripple, I will go for another walk to our park later.


  1. Looks like you did well with the sandals!! I know just what you mean about how fast the boys are growing up. After spending 5 days with our family I noticed how grown up our 12 year old grandson has become. He is still a sweetie and a wonderful big brother to his little sister. But they do grow fast!!

  2. I really like your new sandals, very pretty. The tea towels are nice too.

  3. I've read The Last Letter From Your Lover, although I did like it I though Me Before You was far better. I've read almost all of Jo Jo Moyes books and still for me that one comes out on top.
    Well done on the under spend, I like this way of keeping track, I might see if I can try it for the 2nd half of the year.
    I have a phobia of butterfly's (and moths too) so i'll stick with my fairy doors :-)

  4. Naughty girl, eating that chocolate. Should have sent it to me - then you wouldn't have been tempted.

  5. I'm reading The Last Letter From Your Lover at the moment but I found the start of it quite hard going. I'm up to Part 3 now and I definitely haven't enjoyed it as much as Me Before You. It's funny how we all enjoy different things. Well done with your bargain sandals, I could do with a new pair myself so I'll definitely have a look in Clarks.

  6. I love the denim sandals, they look really comfy x



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