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Monday, 10 July 2017

Another week.

I cut these from Win's garden, her nephew asked me to help myself
It's so sad to see her garden faded, but the roses and a few shrubs are blooming. 
 I finished the camper van cushions, the pattern matched along each cushion,
I was really pleased with the result 
and was given lovely roses, lillies and a bottle of bubbly.
These roses smell divine. 
 We did alot of this over our stay at home weekend
 Will who had his 1st sleep over at our's did alot of this
He was an angel, smiled most of the time
 and slept from 9.30pm until 7am Saturday night. 
To Close to Home was about a marriage breakdown and at the same time the daughter being bullied at school, I have not read a book dealing with bullying, it was interesting and really sad. 
Just started The Goodbye Gift 
I have been suffering with the heat, I spend most of the day and evening inside. I have done little in the garden except water, our poor flower pots can't hold enough water for them to stay looking good.
I have done a couple of small sewing jobs, just helping friends clothes fit a bit better, nothing too hard work, in fact most of it was hand sewing.
Just 3 weeks left to work, 14 days now, today went really quick, my replacement started today, so I'm happy to know she will be able to learn a simple role before I leave. Everyone has been told they will have role changes, my role is not one you would give to a new person, the retail customer I cover has a huge spend and expects a special service. I have already handed over part of my second role, so my work load has dropped.
No plans again this week, we are enjoying being lazy, which in this heat is an easy task, and hoping for the promised thunder storm.
Did not lose any weight last week, our weekend was rich and full of glasses of bubbly with BBQ's.
Last week I did 89,360 steps, an average of 12,765 per day, best week so far. 


  1. Beautiful photos, lovely roses and gorgeous little Will xx

  2. Your walking is amazing. It is so hard to do when it gets this hot!! Lovely flowers and such a cute little baby and a great sleeper!!

  3. Lovely pictures and little Will is so sweet xxx

  4. I bet you are counting the days now........

    Lovely photos

    Julie xxxxx

  5. I'm the same, don't sit out in the sun much and only ventured out to water the plants. I got up to rain this morning, so at least the garden will get the soaking it needs :-)

    Will is just gorgeous! well done on the steps this week.

  6. You're doing really well with your steps, you'll be as fit as a fiddle. Will is so cute, and such a good sleeper too.

  7. Well done on the step count, that's fabulous.
    I have a Peter Rabbit the same as Wills!

  8. Does Win's nephew live in her home? I was wondering if good neighbors moved in there.



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