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Friday, 30 December 2016

Tidy patchwork

I am really pleased my patchwork carrier is finished
 I choose the check for the handles, which are threaded in between the fabrics and stitched together at the bottom for extra support of any weight carried. 
 I thought all the fabrics went well together. 
The fox fabric was purchased for my daughters baby room, 
but whilst it was to her taste, it would not go into the nursery theme. 
 Loads of pocket space, 
plus my cutting board slides into big pocket.
 I tried to make pocket sizes big enough to swap items around
 I am pleased with the finished effect. 
I last worked on it here, at this point is a work in progress.
The outer cover I just wrapped around the stitched inner, by folding the edge over and neatly stitching, I covered all the raw edges. I cut two outer's and joined at the bottom, I could not use one long piece as with the inner, the pattern would have been upside down on one side.
I purchased the fabric for the handles, I did have a selection here, but none matched to my liking. I do have to get two big poppers for the top corners, to hold it together. The fox fabric cost £8.99 for a meter, and the check £4.00 for half a meter, in both cases I have fabric left over, the plain inner colours came from my material stash.
The idea came from Pintrest, I copied some of the ideas, but built the design to suit my requirements. It has been fun to make, and now all my patchwork cutting tools and templates are stored together. Now I need to get back to sewing hexagons, to make my sewing machine cover.
We made the decision not to travel to Somerset, the fog is lingering and heavy, so we are staying put, journeys at this time of year are bad enough without the extra hassle of thick fog.
I hope you are with those who you love and looking forward to 2017 and whatever it brings.


  1. That's fabulous, you're very clever. I think the foxy fabric is so cute. A shame you haven't managed to make it to Somerset but being safe is more important, there's been so many accidents in the fog. Wishing you and yours all the very best for 2017.

  2. That is a brilliant job. I hope that 2017 is a great year for you x

  3. What a wonderful bag! You should be so proud. I do love the fox fabric. We are staying home too. We both came home from our Christmas trip with bad colds so staying in sounds wonderful to me. At 12 I will be in my warm bed reading. In our area they shoot off fireworks-no point in trying to sleep before that! Hoping the best for you and your family in 2017!

  4. What a brilliant job you have done, love your choice of fabrics, wise choice not travelling out in the fog there have been some nasty accidents, wishing you both the best for 2017.

  5. A perfect storage bag for your goodies.
    Wishing you a healthy and Happy 2017



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