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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Getting closer

 I did not show my cards for this season
Again I am keeping them simple
Using card stock I already had
Can you see two shoots, these are my Hyacinth's
My Poinsettia is hanging in there, I have given it fresh soil in a bigger pot. 
 My Amaryllis is getting tall, this is much earlier this year
 I was told this is a great book, so I started it Thursday
so far it's brilliant and I don't want to put it down.
 I can show this here, youngest daughter does not follow my blog
their first baby is due in February,
Kev asked me a question regarding my blog book, do I publish the comment from each post, no I don't, whilst I love to read your comments and find them helpful and interesting, to keep my book to a reasonable size I only record my words. I am unhappy with Blurb, the company I have always used for my book, they have stopped the facility to import from your blog to their book templates, this is because there are so many different platforms other than blogger. So now I am finding it is more time consuming, 2016 might be the last book  I make, I don't want to change the style and size of my books by using a different company. I do love to look back on my books.
I'm still not feeling festive, still in fact feeling a bit blue, hence I am reading so many books and not doing any cross stitch. The house is decorated and all the gifts have been wrapped, but the Christmas spirit eludes me, last week was our company Christmas party, but it was aimed at the younger staff and was a full on party so like loads of older staff I did not go.


  1. Love those cards! And the flowers are wonderful too!

  2. Your cards are so pretty. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I haven't bought an amaryllis this year and I'm missing it already. I'm sure the Christmas spirit will visit you soon, Christmas can seem like a long time coming sometimes as the countdown starts earlier each year, I think it can spoil it when it goes on too long.

  4. I like the simplicity of your cards.
    Sending you a {hug}, i have had a lot of people comment on the warm weather making not feel at all festive and they cant get their heads round that fact in 2 weeks the big day will be here.



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