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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Needle and hook

Sweet dreams is coming along well, just need to add leaves and then stitch the rest of the last section. But for now is packed away until next Wednesday.
 I am crocheting granny blankets in miniature, just seeing if the yarn I have works with this pattern. I have a few colours in this yarn. The hardest part is keeping the stitches small and neat. I am also sorting a small stitching project.
 Josh was watching the birds in our garden, this one came to our feeder, it's a blue tit, Josh is showing signs of liking bird watching, he loves my book on British birds. He also loves helping Kev make the bird cakes for the garden.
We have had two very wet days, good for my garden, but not so good for us, but every where is looking so very good, which brings a huge smile to my face.
We finished making the book for Logan our grandson, it's a photo book of his first stay with us, without mummy and daddy, just waiting for it to come.
Today I am packing we are away for 5 days, popping to North Wales for two days, have a hotel along the beach in Llandudno, Friday and Saturday nights, then on to Leicestershire for a spa hotel for Sunday and Monday nights, so a mixture for a few days, the weather fore caste is good, so fingers crossed for a sunny time, I will take my iPad, to keep up with every thing.


  1. I love the vibrant colors in your stitch piece!!

  2. Lovely drawing by your grandson.
    Enjoy your time away.



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