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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Little boys

Logan, our youngest grandson came to stay with us for 4 days, on his own, daddy's employer made him work the bank holiday, mummy was on a hen weekend, so we stepped in, and we had a great time, staying close to home, not spoiling him, just loads of play time. Here with Grancha at the church at Portchester castle.
 Sunday we had a family BBQ, Logan and Sammy get on well together, Logan lives 100+ miles away, so they do not see each other every week. They stayed close together, doing every thing as a pair.
 At Nanna's house cousins become best friends, a photo with Josh in, he loves his little brother. They held hands through out the afternoon, without us prompting them, as for our loungers they claimed them. Josh was happy the little lads all played together, he had a good game of grown up football with his uncles.
 My nephew Riley came with his mummy and daddy, the boys had fun playing football and bubbles on the lawn, all three were great together, loads of giggles, and they all slept so very well. Riley is just over 3, so they all were matched well. Kev had loads of fun, he had a new BBQ and was very pleased, loads of nods from the grown up male members of the family.
 We were very lucky to have great weather for the whole of the bank holiday, so much more fun when we can open the doors and play in the garden. I am pleased with my back garden it is looking very good, I have plants to go in later this month, but no plans for any major work, so on sunny days we can relax and enjoy the rest outside.
 I have just two half sections to complete on my stitching, then I can hope the center section will be released so I can complete it, the next release is on 25th, so fingers crossed.
 I was given this soap as a present, it smells divine, so it is here on my desk, it came from The Eden Project, a friend visited there this weekend, we sat in my very sunny garden yesterday, catching up on all the news.
 Thursday Fliss and I went shopping, the material above is for a simple skirt for me and the fun material, I am going to use for a project bag, I could not just walk past it, it called. I hope to get my sewing machine out at some point soon.
I have woke up to rain today, bit of a shock after the sunny spell we have had, but it's warm, I have a few things to do and then I will pop in and see Fliss and Sam, and pick Josh up from school. I am having a couple of restful days after the busy weekend.


  1. Nothing better than family fun times in the garden, the lovely sunshine makes it just perfect. Super pics of your little ones having fun.

  2. Looks like a great way to spend a long weekend! Those little ones are so precious to have around, aren't they?

  3. Aren't cousins the best! Growing up, I got to see my cousins over Christmas and as we got older, I would spend a week with them and they would each spend a week with me, in the summer.

    Today, we get together maybe once every two years, since I left our home state, and we pick up right where we left off the last time we met . . and the same goes with them and my brother.

    I am a firm believer that there is a familial smell that we can't pick up, but it lets us know that these people are family from day one, and it binds us together forever.

  4. You are so lucky with 3 little grandsons. I just have the one but idolise him and you dont need money to spoil a child, time is all they need and its the one thing they will always remember.



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