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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Total block

Not doing any stitching at this time, I have lost my mojo
I have started to think of Christmas, but that does not inspire me
I spend a lot of time on Pintrest, here gathering ideas

The weather is terrible, we are lucky no floods here, just days of rain and wind
no wonder I am feeling blue

I have no photo's today, Blogger has said my free storage is full and they want me to change how I store my stuff, not sure if their way is how I want to go ahead. I have printed my first 3 years into books, I am thinking of deleting the first couple of years and staying as I am.

Work is horrendous, feels like a Victorian workhouse, no matter how hard you work, there is always loads outstanding, I really have to gather my strength and find some thing different to do.

Sorry to be so negative, I don't normally suffer from the winter blues
I am going to lose myself in all your blogs and then back to reading my book, Heart and Soul, Maeve Binchy
see you next time 


  1. Hi Marlene, I hope you get your stitching mojo back soon and that things perk up for you. In the past when work has been rough for me I haven't felt like going near my stitching either. I hope you enjoy your book, I read a couple of the Maeve Binchy books ages ago and I really enjoyed them. I just don't seem to find time for reading with all the stitching and the internet getting right in the way! Take care, Jo.

  2. I use FLICKR for my overload . . also, I use it so I can save pictures that I might delete from the computer.

    Oh, I got the same message too . . and when I deleted some photos I still got the same message. Bet, in a couple of days, or December, we will be back to being able to post through blogger.

  3. Sometimes things get you down. I hope it passes soon and your mojo returns with new vigour! Meanwhile be kind to yourself.

  4. Oh Marlene I hope you feel better soon - think a lot of people feel out of sorts - the weather doesn't help & we've not had a good summer. Chill & read and just take care. I know how you feel about work - mine is relentless with shorter targets and an admin review on top! I've not had that particular issue with Blogger yet!



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