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Sunday, 11 November 2012

More hearts

 My stash of hearts is taking over, so this evening I have been sorting, my key hooks in our hallway is now full of my hearts, they hang under the small book shelves, these have been collected for a while, none of them home made. I still have my heart tree on our dining room table, as seen here
 I love this slate heart, with chalk for messages, hanging in the hall next to the books. My stitching of Thomas had to be moved up higher.
 I have also made some hearts, these were done this morning
 I brought the tags from Hobbycraft, these I got last January in their sale, but they still have them on sale now, you have 10 tags in three colours in each pack, as you can see very simple pattern to follow and very easy and quick to make.
 I have a couple of tips, cut the prongs a bit longer than required and then trim when dry. After I had woven the hearts, I dampened the felt and pegged them together, when they were dry I then glued them, this helped them lie flatter.
We had a family lunch today, which was great fun, both Sammy and Joshy enjoyed their roast dinner, it is great to see such young lads eating so well. The afternoon was cut short I had a visit to the dentist, some root canal work, I'm glad it's all done now, I'm just a bit tender from the injection.
I have been feeling better today, I love stay at home days.
Yesterday we did more Christmas shopping, I'm over half way with our presents.
I have a task this week, I purchased a desk calender for Kev, without reading all the details, I have 12 photos to use, but now I find it's a week to view, not a month, so I need loads more photos.
I did promise you a give away, it's still in my mind, I am just forming it in my mind, leave another comment here if you love surprises.


  1. Love your hearts Marlene - you've certainly got a good collection:)

  2. I love your hearts! I used to collect hearts and got rid of them in a low period but you have inspired me again. :-)



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