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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Back to normal

 Hubby took me out last night, I would have preferred to stay in, but, we went and had loads of fun, it was a dinner dance with a Karen Carpenter tribute act, who were very good, I even had a dance, not been able to do that for a couple of years. It was great fun, I am lucky to have such a good husband and friends.

Yesterday afternoon I lazed in a big chair and finished my book, it's nice to be able to loose yourself in another's words, I am a book worm at heart, I have purchased loads of books...
 "55 Christmas balls to knit", for the Christmas tree, I have a mind to use some of these for cross stitch. I am going to pick up Tree of Life and finish that, I know what my next project will be, I have to purchase some natural coloured linen and loads of white silks, that's your hint for now. I have also seen my 2013 stitch along, I will enrol on 05.12.12 and show you the details then.
 Waiting for Josh to pop over sometime, we can have loads of fun with stickers and I also have The Toymaker's Christmas Paper Toys, you make them yourself from the card cut outs in the book.
I have also glued some stirrers together, they need balancing and then decorating, but I think these are a bit thin, I am trying hard to get into the festive mood, I think I really needed a home weekend to gather myself together. Monday will be more of the same, my boss does not make plans and waits to see what will happen, I am a planner, I want to be prepared, the next 4 weeks are going to be difficult, but I will try and let go of things.

As for my photo's, I will  pay the $2.99 each month, I get so much out of blogger


  1. Marlene a night out does us all good and you look lovely. Love your Xmas decs and love your phrase/motto 'thingy'!!!

  2. You know when we talked about being out of Picassa space . . well, yesterday I could load with no problem . . go figure ?

    You and the hubby look good. The last good pix of Gene and I out was at a wedding . . . guess the champagne was working on both of us . . LOLOL



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