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Monday, 5 July 2010

Don't tell anyone

This weekend I have started a quickie, it's very naughty, but good for the soul.
Its a heart created using the alphabet,
I had decided to use just red, but who knows I might try one using all different colours.
I have done a bit more to the cushion front, I have to infill the top three squares with white and then I'm half way through, having done 50 squares. I went to Somerset for the weekend to catch up with both my and Kev's family, it was busy and I am tired but we did have loads of fun. So I have not done much stitching or gardening.

Just one photo of the garden, this is the area I created in the spring and it's looking really good, I'm very pleased with the cottage garden effect.

Grace loves this sunny weather, she spends alot of the day on our sofa in the shade, she has her own blanket.
Last photo, is my new short hair cut, so far every one loves it, I can spike it up for the evenings, so it does offer a change of style. On Friday I go to choose my wig, I will have a longer one and get my hairdresser to cut it into a style for me.

I have been sorting the fiance side of things today, I am not expecting to be able to work untill March of next year, I have 5 months of chemo and then a month off, then radiotherapy for three weeks and then my final operation.
So I am going to be cared for by the state, which means we won't have loads of cash but we will get through. On the positive side loads of time for stitching on good days.

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