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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Busy doing nothing

I had my first chemo yesterday, so I am home doing nothing, well pottering a bit.
I thought I would catch up with a few things to show you.

Above is the dress pattern I have cut out for myself, I want to make it after finishing Su's dress, her fitting went well last night and I now can finish all the machine sewing. I do have loads of glass beads to sew on but to me that's the fun bit. Su was very pleased with her dress. On a later blog once it is all done I will show you the complete outfit.

Below is some of my many craft books, I do love cross stitch and dolls house miniatures, but I have other crafts I have tried or just interesting books, maybe to have a go at later.

I have shown you this orchid before, this is the third lot of flowers I have had, I love the colours. The stem did not grow so tall this time but I love the way the blooms float olong the pot.

This is a pure white flower and once opened will be my second bloom, I am hoping this will bloom for Su's wedding weekend, in 38 days, and yes we are counting.

This hangs by the kitchen doorway Golden shread is iconic, but I have never seen a flat pot before, my daughter-in-law gave it as a present and I love it.

This was done of me a few years ago, it's fun and quite flattering, I'm sure my figure never looked that good, it is made better by the way he has incorporated my hobby.

I have another I will try and find out, It's a shame how you collect so many things but not have enough room to display them.

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