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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Happy New Year

Well after 14 weeks we are back on the internet, my only comments will be, "How can SKY with all it's people and resources lose us in their systems for 12 weeks and leave us without internet"
all I know is they did and were very unhelpful.

Well since I last did my blog, I have had a birthday and a wonderful trip with Kev, Christmas, New Year.

We have the most amazing Kitchen and Bathroom, but before each our sitting room was the store for all the new items. Now in our sitting room we have the spare bedroom, all piled in a corner, whilst we decorate, pic's will follow.

We are planning a wedding as our middle daughter has booked a service in August, I hope in my next blog to have pic's of the most perfect church in the grounds of a castle, which happens to be our local church.

Fliss and Josh are great fun, Fliss is now my part time help at work, and I love having her in the office.

I have been following all your blogs in work, so I'm glad to be able to corresponde with you all again.

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