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Monday, 9 February 2009

A wet winter's afternoon

I am sat in my office here in Hampshire along the south coast of England, if you look for the Isle of Wight, we are just above.
Looking out of my window at a very wet garden, no snow only rain here, the bird table is empty, too wet for the birds. My cats Thomas and Grace are both asleep beside the radiator, it's nice and warm in here.
I have various hobbies, but today with the help from my daughter Fliss I have created this blog. I very new to this so bear with me!!
My blog site name come from two things I love, 1st is red field poppies and the 2nd is my love of patchwork, I do not sew patchwork with blocks of fabric, I love to create patchwork designs from cross stitch, I have some in frames on my wall, but I love to make quilts for my 12 scale dolls house. Later in my blogs I shall tell you of my projects, but,I have always stitching on the go.
I have been brought up with craft, my mum taught me to sew and knit at a very young age. I won my first prize for sewing at school at the age of 11 years. And over the years I have passed this love to my daughters, Fliss (Felicity) embraces all craft, Su (Suzanne) loves crafty things but prefers making jewellery.
My office is now my craft room, I have a large dolls house( but no dolls), 3 room boxes, drawers full of crafty items, I also make all my own cards. On my walls are cross stich I have done and loads of pictures of amusing cats, and of course amusing photo's of Fliss and Su growing up. The best time to be in my office is about 4pm, its not so dark out, so I can still see all my garden, but inside I can turn the lights on inside my house and room boxes and see the little world's come alive.

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