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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Green success

At the end of May, I repotted this Olive plant, we had damaged the roots whilst  getting it out of a smaller pot, I trimmed the top as all the leaves fell off. I am very pleased to see new growth, It would have been hard to lose a plant after 5 years of care.
 I am not good propagating succulents from leaves, 
but I am pleased with this small plant. 
Last week Sam and I planted more spring bulbs, I have never grown Fritillaria Imperialis before, I have high hopes for these bulbs. 
 More free flowers, this Orchid has loads of buds and will last for ages. I have another 3 plants I am hoping I can get to flower again. 
 Saturday I was given these flowers, 
I love white flowers, these are stunning.
I have been online to check how to progress my amaryllis seeds, which are now growing, now is the perfect time to repot them, but it can take from 3 to 14 years before flowers appear, and the colour of the flower will not normally be the same as the mother plant. I have about a dozen shoots to nourish, my hope is they all flower in different years, as you know I do like a challenge.
Autumn is starting early this year, loads of my flowers are past their best, it has been a great year in the garden, so I am not complaining, it's just I'm not ready for the end of summer, but then who ever is. I have just 3 pots along the side of the house to fill with winter plants, but I will leave them for a couple of weeks. 
It's been a busy time, I have not done much crafting or reading, I have not missed it, having so many family and friends here made the time fly by quickly. 
I did see the last of Handmaids Tale, which I enjoyed, and I watched the 1st of A Confession and The Capture, which I also enjoyed, drama at this time of year is always great. Plus soon Downton Abbey the movie. 
We are now back to our slower pace of life, just the two of us, I have done laundry for 2 days, so today I'm going with hubby to visit Will and Mummy, and pop into a local garden center, in the hope they have started their summer sale, I did see a couple of things, which are always overpriced, so my hope to to see them reduced.  


  1. You're very good with plants! Your olive tree has come back to life. I hope you find some good bargains at the garden centre. Best, Jane x

  2. How lovely to see new growth on a plant you thought was dead. As you have so much success with growing plants from pips and seeds, I followed your example and planted a couple of avocado stones. It took a while but they've both sprouted! Nice glossy leaves too, I'm hopeful they'll make nice plants. So thanks for that, Marlene.

  3. Don't you just love it when you manage to pull a plant back from the brink, or see an experiment flourish. Well done.

    1. I was over the moon, pleased is an understatement.

  4. We got some bargains in the sale at Wyevale - 70% off some very large wooden planters making them about £8 each from £39.99 each. Hope you found some bargains.

  5. Well done with the Olive tree :-) I've been pulling up summer plants too, i'm eager to start planting bulbs. I'm ready for Autumn, I love that the air has changed at night and in the morning, but then I much prefer Autumn and Winter to summer. Hope you managed to grab some bargains at the garden centre.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful, I think white looks so elegant. There's a definite nip in the air now, though I loathe to admit that summer is nearly over. I'm trying to make the most of any good weather that is left.

  7. I planted Fritillaria bulbs that look like your package on the left years ago. They are still coming back every year but I was not prepared for how tiny they are! Poor things get absolutely dwarfed by the tulips.

    1. I love snakeshead, they are planted all around our garden, popping up in the spring.



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