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Friday, 11 December 2015

All dressed up

 Our posh photo came from our night out last Saturday
We are both very pleased with it
Will have to find a frame
 I have done nothing but stitch
finally choosing the colours for this square
 The finish line for this central section is so close.
Hope to have it done by middle of next week.
Our Christmas lunch on Wednesday was good, we all ate together, it can't be easy to cook for 400+ people, they kept away from using anything with nuts in, so I had some choice. It was my 1st turkey lunch this year.
Josh was very pleased with the family tree I had printed out for him, it had enough information for his project, they had to go back to their great grand parents, which was interesting because Josh never met any of our parents.
Sam was tired again, he had been busy practicing his Christmas Nativity, the school always has a true Nativity, we can't wait to see it next week. Both boys loved the garden lights, Sam was sure the Light fairy had done all the work, they checked under the tree to ensure there were gift's with their names on, just looking, no touching. Dawn,  Sam took home his snowman with chocolate coins in, he loved it, the other two were posted to Taunton for Logan and Finn. Josh is too grown up for snowmen but not for the chocolate.
All our cards are now posted, hubby went to the post office yesterday, except for the one's we have forgotten, there are always a few.
Hubby finished the Christmas cake as well, it's the first time I have not baked it, he has a few things to make, sausage rolls and mince pies, we hope to pop to the butchers tomorrow to get supplies.
Our last task is the supermarket shop, we don't require a huge amount, just 4 of us for Christmas lunch and just two of us the rest of the time, we will be in Somerset for the New Year. Hubby will do the shopping nearer to Christmas.
I am having a real stress free run up to Christmas, firstly we are not over buying presents, food or anything this year, plus hubby had done loads whilst I am at work. The main thing I am not missing is the constant Christmas tunes blasting out every where, normally by this time of the month I have had enough of them.


  1. What a terrific picture of you and your DH. You both look wonderful. I would frame that too. The stitching looks good and almost finished.

  2. Gorgeous photo Marlene X your frock is vair lovely! It all sounds under control at your place!! The tree is finally going up today at mine!

  3. Very elegant pair, you could pass as celebrities although I know you are but wont tell anyone :-)

  4. Lovely photo - it would make a lovely Christmas card........
    Great cross-stitching. The cake looks wonderful
    Julie xxxx

  5. The cake looks splendid. Xmas for 4 sounds very manageable.

  6. Your photo's fabulous, you both look very glam. I always loved seeing the nativity when my two were little, I miss having lots of Christmas plays and concerts to go to these days.

  7. Wonderful picture of you both

  8. The photo is gorgeous of you both :) and as always your sewing is beautiful

  9. What a lovely photo... you clearly had a great time! Jx



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