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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy Thursday

I have removed the wrong placed stitching
I have had my graph paper out and have worked out where each section starts.
I do have a system on my computer, but for small things like this I prefer to use graph paper.
 Up close, I am finishing this section, I'm not normally a flower stitcher,
But this is pretty. I have just one other colour, lighter pink to use on here.  
 I went again on the web and found a German site with both books I wanted, 
who deliver worldwide. The delivery was expensive, but there is nothing I can do, so I have ordered both. Now I have to wait for them to arrive, loads of new projects coming up.
 Hubby was asking how I can spend so much on two books, for me it's easy, it is my hobby, and I get enormous pleasure from stitching. It does fall into my lifestyle, they are not an unwanted items and will be used. I really don't mind spending money on useful things. If for any reason they are not as I expected, I will put them on ebay, there are loads of ladies on Pintrest, pinning these designs.
I follow  Jo's blog, which is gardening and craft, pop over she is very interesting, in her last post, she passed on a tip, to buy a flowering plant each month for the garden, that way you build up the seasonal colour, I like this idea, at this time of year my plot is starved of colour, my budget will be as near to £5 as I can get.
I have also been following Sue's blog, another great read, Sue is following a scheme where you cut back the number of food items you store, allowing for less waste. I am not going to follow, but it did lead me think about what's lurking in the back of our food cupboards, so today, I will pull every thing out, sort and use the items lost at the back.
It's pouring with rain here, a real grey day.


Jo said...

Glad you managed to find a site which will deliver the books, I hope you like them when they arrive. It was two years ago when I bought my plants each month, some of them have survived but a number haven't unfortunately so there will still be months with very little colour. I may have to buy some more plants this year to plug the gap.

Julie said...

Good news you managed to source the books with a UK delivery.
Loving the new project!

paula said...

Your new project looks so good.

I always used graph paper . . . there is something about the hands on erasing and fixing that I liked.

I always used the tiniest graph paper I could find. Now, I don't think I can find it, with everything on calculators and tech, the engineering graph paper, I think, has become obsolete :(

Linda said...

Great books Marlene. Your stitching is lovely.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

At lest you found the books! Lovely stitching!

Dawn McHugh said...

You can never have enough books, I was sent some designs from germany about 25years ago, I will have to look them out and send them to you, cant see I would ever get round to using them.

My Wee Life said...

Love your sewing and the books look as though they are going to be good. Thanks for the links to the blogs - been reading through :)


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