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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Flowers grown and to stitch

I have joined this stitch along, the first design will be released on Jan 10th, 
and just because I can, I have changed the silk colours. It should be stitched in shades of pink, but I'm not a pink lady, so the lilac's and purples are out, I also like to see green , I will probably add a few more colours as I stitch it. 
 I have found this on Pintrest, 
it looks interesting and am just thinking on how I can adapt it for me. 
I have a few projects I purchased last year, so I have loads to do. 
I am still waiting for my order from early December, one of the fabrics was out of stock.
 My ORT's from 2014, the pot is almost full, I will use them for stuffing a little project
 I have been using my Xpress machine, I managed to purchase some die's in the sale, most are for Christmas, so I am full of ideas for this years cards. 
I love the fine detail I am getting.
 Flower's in our sitting room, the Amaryllis has shot up, but the stem is not straight.
 I treated myself to this violet, very pretty and I hope to grow other plants from the leaves. 

We had a lovely afternoon out for Win's birthday, there were 24 people to celebrate her 100th birthday, it was so nice to meet people who's name we knew. To meet her dancing instructor, she goes to a dancing class every Monday evening and her 5 great nephews, who adore her.
Sunday we had a day at home neither of us were feeling well, now we are both off work with another virus, I have not been out since Saturday, we did not see Josh and Sam at the weekend, did not want to pass this on. Not the start we wanted for the new year, our plan is to stay inside get rid of our bugs.

I have had loads of thinking time, last year was good, we changed alot of our habits for the better, our intake of sugar has dropped, we do not purchase ready made things with hidden sugar, I have almost stopped eating yogurts, just having them for a treat occasionally. We no longer shop for unwanted items, we think before buying anything, just because they are in the sale does not mean we need them. This year I want to grow more to eat,  visit some pick your self farms to fill the freezer with fruit and veg, forage in the Autumn.
We have not opened our money pot yet, might leave it until it is full, we have never done that, and we can then have our treat in the spring. My gift from work £100 on a store card, I am keeping until the spring, I can use it in B&Q, if we manage to get a family discount of 20% as well, I can get loads for my garden, I know it's not the best place, but our local store has some gardeners on their staff, I don't really need many plants, but our water feature is broken.


  1. It looks like you're going to be busy with your stitching again this year. Sorry to hear that you're poorly, I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. I have grown many violets over the years, just by dipping the leaves in some rooting powder.

    I haven't had one for years so I might get one again.

  3. I hope you are both soon feeling much better.
    Nice new project you are going to be working on, ill enjoy watching that one grow.



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