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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Resting on a Sunday

Once again these are out
 Our tree is dressed
 The boys are there of course.
 Dave the bear is dressed up and has friends
 New Christmas slippers
I am enjoying a family weekend, yesterday hubby and I went into Fareham, just for the morning, hubby was hoping for hints from me, and managed to get me another gift. We stopped and watched a signalong, deaf people signing to Christmas songs, it was simple and beautiful, we sat for ages and enjoyed their entertainment, very festive.
Last night we had a family meal, both daughters and David, a perfect evening, just what we needed. I even watched X Factor, and is hoping Ben will win tonight.
Today we had friends in for morning coffee, and later another friend for afternoon tea, hubby just made us bacon rolls for lunch. This is a beautiful restful weekend.
Grandma is down, so we have not seen Josh or Sam, will catch up with them in the week.
Tomorrow Su and I have the day together shopping, I only have one present to purchase, so it will be more fun than rushing about.
Next weekend will be hectic, we are back to Somerset, not a trip we had planned, but we will say goodbye to my brother, meet with the whole family on Friday, and then back home on Saturday, we are hoping the roads won't be too bad.


  1. Your decorations look very festive. Those reindeer slippers are a hoot.

  2. It sounds like a lovely weekend. Hope everything goes well in Somerset, as well as these things can.

  3. I love your nativity figures, wishing you a safe journey to Somerset, take care of yourself, big hugs x

  4. Beautiful tree Marlene. Your slippers are a hoot.


  5. Your tree looks lovely.
    Sending you strength and love for the coming days. x

  6. So sorry to hear of your brother's demise..prayers for him and his family. Wishing you strength and solace.



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