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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Seasons Greetings

Christmas has arrived early
 I have been feeling festive since our visit to Berlin, 
and so on the last day of November
 (early for this house hold) 
I have put up or decorations. 
Very pagan, loads of holly, ivy and berries.
 Above is new this year, golden and bling, but lights a dark corner, 
Below these figures from Spain have a place in our room each year. 
 Our hall way shelves, just a bit of fun, 
 One note, I do not use tea lights in my ceramics, I use the battery operated light sets, about 10 small bulbs, the smaller ones are not big enough to hide the battery case, but much safer than candles.
 The down side, our spare bedroom is now full on for storage, and looks a mess.
Not much stitching done, had a very lazy week in which each night after work, we just relaxed together. Yesterday was lost to decorating, so many things, loads to pack away to make room for Christmas.

Today Sammy and Josh are going to visit, we will have to watch Sammy, his excitement levels are going to be high. I have a couple of items to get for presents, but most of it is done now. So we are looking forward to a family afternoon here.


  1. Your Xmas decorations look lovely. I've often thought about battery lights but think I might try them now :)

  2. Love your new furniture! Fits the room nicely.
    Nice tree!
    Many hugs sent your way!



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