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Sunday, 29 December 2013

In between

I have done some more on my heart, I have a problem with the pattern, it is copied over two pages and some how the middle three lines are missing, so each side of the graph does not match up, I have used the main photo and done a bit of free hand, but I'm pleased with it.
 I love a bargain, these stunning glass decorations we on sale at our local supermarket, £2.10 for a pack of 4, I purchased the last two boxes, that's 52p each.
 Just put a couple on my tree, they look great, and the light catches them. I have also purchased loads of half price candles, and more Christmas Crackers, I really hate cheap crackers, and am happy to buy them on sale and store them with the decorations until next year, might even use them on our New years Eve dinner.
 First slice of my Christmas cake, both hubby and I enjoyed it, really moist, I did not add any booze this year, just wanted cake, I think it taste much better, hubby could not work out what was missing.
This is the strangest time of year, after the feast of Christmas and before the celebration of the new year, I am thinking I might pack some of the decorations away, I want to sort and recycle some of the things I no longer use, and trim down the amount of items I store. I want the house to look more silver for the new year.
Hubby is cooking the meal, so I have to think on the house and table, we will be six for the evening, so not to huge.
Tomorrow I will spend with Fliss, want to pop to town and then have some craft time, I would like more lessons on crochet.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the stitching. The color is so pretty!

  2. Love your bargain glass baubles, very nice indeed.
    Our cake is stil in the tin lol
    Hope you manage to get the design sorted, how annoying some us missing.

  3. Your stitching looks beautiful, especially if you've done freehand in the middle!

  4. Beautiful stitching...and an especially yummy looking christmas cake!



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