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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

Below is my Spanish sampler, almost finished, I mean it now,
I'm not adding any more panels
I am so pleased with it, I want to mount it in a cushion.

Last weekend was Mothering Sunday, and we had both girls around to visit, The Orchid was brought for me by Kev, he always gets me a card, that's why there are three there.

Su brought me flowers below and made a wonderful mixed soft fruit cheesecake, I did tell my daughter's not to buy anything this year, so they both made me things. Su is just getting into cookery.

Fliss brought a small cloth for the table from the pound shop and made it very spacial
On each corner she has embroidered each of our full names and added my mum's name.
Josh made me a beautiful picture.

In the house Kev is hiding our furniture again, this time we have taken all the units from the sitting and dining room and stored them in the spare bedroom. He is removing all the skirting boards, coving and any tacks on the walls, he is also renewing the radiators, the guy will be with us next week to plaster the walls and ceilings of both rooms, we have to choose the wooden flooring and the blinds, do the painting. Kev won't lay the new floor, woodwork is not his best skills. So another couple of weeks looking like a building site, but it is the last area we are doing this year.
With Easter on the way, we are planning to spend time in the garden, I have loads to plant.

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