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Monday, 7 September 2009

Lazy Mondays

We are having a break from work again this week, we should have been in Spain, but due to the house move paperwork being very close to signing, we decided to stay at home. We should have a firm moving date this week.
We have spent our time, walking, talking about packing
but not doing any packing and eating out.

We spent a great evening at Marwell Zoo, we took the twilight tour, with 18 other people, it started at 6pm and we were there for three hours.

Above is the latest view of my Spanish sampler, I am very pleased, when it is finished, I want to make it into the centre panel of a cushion for our bed, we have purchased loads of new bedding, cushions and throws for our bedroom in the bungalow. I know I can't believe Kev has been choosing colours and cushions, and not a moan.

I wanted to show you the signs of a new season arriving, our hedgerows are full of ripe blackberry's, we have had a bumper crop from the bush in our back garden. The rose hips are everywhere and the elderberry bushes are laden with fruit. My mum would say it's natures way of getting ready for a harsh winter, she produces extra fruit to fatten the birds and small animals for a hard winter ahead. After many mild winters, it would be nice to have a real winter, and who knows a white christmas.
We have close to here a wild life park, it is perfect for birds. It is surrounded three sides by water and the motorway crosses at the top end, on the edge of the city of Portsmouth, it does not sound a good location, but after walking there one sunny afternoon, it is the most peaceful place. We found loads of thistles drying in the September sunshine.

We will now have to start packing everything ready for a move, I will let you know how many boxes we will use, I have already been sorting my clothes and shoes, this morning I threw 12 pairs of shoes, and piles of clothes has been taken to the charity shops. I have even sorted my collection of magazines, and parted with loads. it does feel good to have a sort out after being in this house for 15 years.

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