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Friday, 20 November 2020

Another lockdown week

I purchased this book 4 years ago, with youngest daughter, we thought it would be fun, I still use it everyday.
This strange year, my comments are really rather different, keeping in contact with friends is still vital, as is contact with family, the biggest lesson learnt from Covid is we are social, we need contact of others. 
I had the most beautiful yarn arrive this week, I ordered and paid for it in June, it's the colours of a Robin, not normally my colours, but the shades are stunning, I won't be making socks with this, I think a shawl will be best use. 
I have redone the G for George's Christmas tree decoration, it has fused much better, the large glass disc were purchased at different times, and the newer disc is different from the original. I popped it in the microwave for 8 minutes, then added another 2 mins and then did an extra 2 mins. I have more glass fusion tree ornaments to make, these take time, as once I have used the kiln to make an ornament, I have to wait until the kiln is completely cold before using again, so I can only use once a day.
I would never have picked this book up, but it was sent from our local library, and it's was the most enjoyable book, Harold is 65 and just retired, settling down to a simple life when a letter arrives, if you can, please read this book, I loved it. This being my 72nd book read this year. 
I plan a sewing day this weekend, I need to make 12 days of Christmas into a finished ornament for my friend and sign teacher. I also have a couple of other things to make, nothing big, fun things to do and a special homemade gift for George. 

I have done more knitting to Will's jacket, I am now waiting for measurements from mummy and also buttons to arrive and I have just finished reading a truly lovely book. 

My cakes are being fed brandy, daughters only has one feed as Will loves cake, so I will cover with marzipan soon. I have coloured icings to make the decoration, but as yet I've not decided what to pop on top. 

Daughter, Will and George are now free to go out again, all are still well, as is Wills little friend from nursery, mummy found it hard having to keep Will in, he's an active 3 year old, back to pre-school next week, we miss the fun of their visits and Will's constant cries of I'm hungry.

I am trying to keep busy, it's hard being in winter lockdown, I have plenty to do, but no true inspiration or energy, I do spend loads of time reading or sat on here, but often I get bored being 'online'

Can I say I'm fed-up with all the bloody Black Friday deals on offer, I thought it was the last Friday in November not the whole month, and no I have purchased nothing. 



  1. I read the Harold Fry book and loved it so much I bought the sequel The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy not really a sequel it's described as a companion book I think. It's well worth a read, I found it very moving.
    I ignore Black Friday, if I need anything I buy it as and when I need it.

  2. That book sounds interesting. I'll have a look for it.

  3. I agree Black Friday goes on far too long and I'm not sure whether any of the deals are worth having. I haven't been tempted. I love the robin wool it's going to make a lovely shawl. Thanks for the book recommendation, I'll see I'd it's an ebook.

  4. We get Black Friday rubbish here as well. All the advertising for it is plain annoying - on top of which, we are NOT American (it was explained to me that Black Friday is the traditional day of sales after Thanksgiving, not Friday 13th like I thought).

  5. The ornaments are lovely. Not much in the way of Black Friday adverts here, but then it is just catching on here.

    God bless.

  6. That wool is beautiful and you’re right, it’s suited to a shawl. I haven’t made a Christmas cake this year. With no big family get together in the week leading up to Christmas, there is only hubby and I who like it. I will add, I could eat it every day until it’s gone, but that wouldn’t be a good idea for my waistline, haha!

  7. I ignore all the Black Friday hype it does really get on my nerves. What lovely yarn I love the colours, I am listening to that book right now it's an ebook on borrowbox and I'm really enjoying it too and like you it isn't one that I would normally have chosen. I hope you show us the 12 days of Christmas ornament when it's done, I have just finished day 2. Have a lovely weekend.x

  8. Thanks for popping a comment on my blog & although I don't follow a lot of blogs, it has certainly been a strange year and a lot of people no longer posting. I love those glass Xmas decs. Yes, we do tend to be social humans & I've very much missed the silly little things we used to do, not so much the shopping or out of an evening, but we are now allowed to about more freely with very, very few new cases for a couple of weeks. I hope it stays that way and we can see our DD, 2DS's & all our grandies during summer & Christmas. Another trip to UK might be a long way off to see my StepDD & DH's family, but we'll keep our hopes up. Take care & stay safe.

  9. Before lockdown I would have said that i wasn't all that bothered about needing other people in my life but since loosing my job I now realise how much i miss the day to day interaction with people in the office. I think it's the reason i feel so low all the time. All this lockdown and not mixing with other people is going to have consequences for a long time, especially on the children. I really enjoyed the Harrold Fry book too, he was one of those characters that really grew on you. I've done most of my Christmas shopping so haven't looked at any Black Friday deals. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. I just bought a used copy of the book, thank you for the reading recommendation. It looks like a good story but one that will probably make me cry at some point.

  11. I do my best to ignore all this Black Friday stuff, it does seem to go on forever doesn't it!

    All the best Jan



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