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Saturday 19 October 2013

Thank you mummy

Grace and Purdey are now ready for the winter, Grace had started sitting on our new sofa, upholstered in fabric, not a good idea, so a quick visit to the shops, now they have a new comfortable bed each.
 I have been stitching, I am on a break from my big project, 
I saw this pattern on Pintrest, and loved it.
 I love buttons, all types all sizes, here I am using buttons from my stash, the two smaller ones from tops I no longer own. The big button, I purchased a while ago, for no reason other than I loved it. I should finish this tomorrow, I have two small quick projects to stitch next. 
PS it's not a spelling mistake, it will be the french word for buttons.
 I have been out in the garden today, I dug out every plant from my patch, added more soil and compost and then replanted every thing. We had to raise the water feature as well. Now I ache, every where, but I am really pleased with the garden, I did pass loads of plants to a neighbour, which were too big. 
 I had raised the garden to almost the top of the edging, and added bark, this should help keep the cats away, just two plants still look sad, my dahlias was happy to be dug out and replanted. I have also planted loads of spring bulbs in here. I do have some primroses to plant in pots, but maybe tomorrow.
It's been a good week here in Hampshire, every one is well, Su is getting over her sadness of losing her cat, Willow. Fliss and the boys are well, next week it will be Sam's 3rd birthday. Hubby is great, but like me really tired after a busy day.
Tomorrow, I have a friend coming over for the day, so loads of stitching to be done, nothing else planned.


  1. Grace and Purdy look so cosy :). Love the sewing with the buttons and your garden still looks lovely :) glad that Su is getting there - it'll take time. Have a lovely week

  2. Those sure are some happy kitties! Love the button piece too.

  3. Nice new snuggly beds for the furry friends - so cosy.
    Great little design!



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