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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Family, that's what it is all about

We had a weekend at home
Great BBQ on Sunday with family 
and a second birthday cake for Josh, 
our little garden was full of laughter.
 On Monday we went to Portchester castle in the morning, it was very busy, both Logan and Sam played football, but loved the bubbles, we share in inside lawns with loads of other family's. 
 Then we walked around the outside, tide was out 
but there were loads of little boats, 
 Back at home, fun in the garden, Purdey stayed close to the boys.
 Grancha tested the little bench, big enough for three.
 Then we filled the padding pool, no swimming trunks, but still fun, loads of splashing. 
 They got Nanna very wet, so I joined them
But the big boys always want to play

It has been the most amazing weekend, having both boys on Monday was great, Josh had a day with daddy, who is feeling much better, playing with Lego and no younger brother. 
Our weather was perfect again.

Today was back to work, on my own this week for the first time, so fingers crossed all goes well. but a really enjoyable day, and soon it will be weekend again.
I have a half day on Friday, we are heading away for another long weekend, close to Derby for a couple of days, see the latest grandson. Then on into the Peake District, for walking Photo's and loads more fun. 

Now I have house work, how come the place looks so messy, we were outside all 3 days, loads of little wet footprints around the place, it's a shame to clear them up, might stitch instead, not done any sewing since my last blog, so it is calling me. 

PS Paula thanks for your comments...


  1. Anytime . . . I like for people to know I enjoy reading what they are saying . . . that's how we learn more and more about each other and our similar, but different, cultures :)



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