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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Another Sunday Morning

I have been very busy with my cushion this week
I have done 25 out of 100 squares, which is a quarter way through.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in the garden, Kev did the heavy digging and I had the fun bit of planting, below is part of our front garden, it is a double parking space with loads of coloured stone(not my favourite) but we have two corner gardens, the one at the other side is larger with two big bushes in, we just cut them back a bit. This one by the house was full of weeds, the shrub (I don't know what is it called) I brought from our other house, I have planted red Salvia and orange/yellow Marigolds. should be full of colour in the summer.

My herb area is looking good, I have planted a veg bag next to it with salad items and carrots and beetroot. The strawberries are now in flower ready to crop.

The rest of the decking area is still looking good, I have loads of flowers on bloom, our tree has turned green, but we weeded the lawn and now we have a dirt patch, but no dandelions. We have a bit of work to do before we can lay turf.

These two photo's are of my garden I created. The shrubs are coming along well, I have added some plants and loads of bulbs. with a few solar lights I will wait now and see how much colour we get. I can always add plants later if there are bare patches.

Not been busy this week, I went back to work on Wednesday after my op, the office is very hectic ant the mo, we are having loads of problems which we have to sort, so it can be very stressful and Friday was a bad day.
Yesterday we brought the silk for Su's wedding dress and got her shoe's, things are coming together. I will start making it soon, I have a pattern, but I need to change to bodice, we could not get the design we wanted. My next blog will be a wedding update, we have been very busy and with 111 days to the wedding we are on a time scale.
We do not have much planned for today, pop to the shops and a day around the house the weather is dull, so most of our time will be inside.

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