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Monday, 29 June 2009

Sunny Evenings

We have sold our house and now have brought a bungalow, we are hoping to move as soon as possible . Our chain is only three people, our buyer is a cash sale and our seller is moving to rental, so fingers cross it should be pain free.

We brought a DS "walk with me", which counts every step you take and encourages you to walk more, it's set at 3000 steps per day. So most evening we try and pop out for a walk, we do not live very far from the coast, about 10 Min's drive, and we are lucky to have some nice beaches and well as the new forest nearby.

Last night we decided to park near to our new bungalow and go for a walk, the pic's following is of the coast 15 Min's walk from our house.

It does help it was a wonderful night,
this is walking towards Portchester castle

This is looking across the harbour toward Portsmouth

The harbour view is spectacular with the yachts

It's about time you saw me

And my super hubby, Kev

I'm off to walk around the block, which will bring me up to my target steps

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  1. The photos make me want to come back. I have a friend that lives in Fareham. We went to visit them a back in 2001. I envy you. Living there must be wonderful! Thanks for taking me back.It is such a beautiful area.



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