Friday, 19 August 2022

How much

Another good book, I have read loads from this author, he always delivers a good story, this one twisted, I guessed a few things but not the end. Book 72 read this year.

A very different book for me  passed to me by a friend,  I think you might like this, set in Norway, I'm not a fan of skandi  crime thrillers  623 pages, I struggled for over 100 pages, but got there in the end. I don't think I would want to read another in this series. Book 73 read this year.
I purchased more strawberry tower pots, hubby got me some offline, they were small and thin, I used them in hope they would be enough, but a couple of days ago the tower fell over, and I'm not happy to keep my strawberries in it. The new tubs are bigger and much stronger, and double the price. I will pass the old set on, lesson learnt.
I said in a previous post some plants were loving the heat, my Chinese Witch hazel is again flowering, it has doubled in size this summer, I'm unsure if it's just the pot, or the location or the heat, but I am so glad to see it thrive. It sits by my herb pots and Olive tree. 

We both have purchased new phones, our old phones were over 2 years old and the screen was not so responsive. We prefer to purchase phone and pay a really low sim only charge each month, it is expensive to start, but by the end of 2 years we make huge savings. I am pleased to say I managed to sort and swap everything from one phone to the other myself, having said that the new phone did all the work. 

We finally got the rain we do desperately wanted my water storage is looking much better, still not full but not too far away.

Tuesday we had 3 rain storms in the morning,  none lasting too long. Our sign group met at a local garden centre, had a lovely chat with coffee and cake, we sat watching the rain and loving it, I spent the afternoon sorting my new phone. 

Wednesday we had just 2 light showers, neither lasted long, but as they say, every little helps, it was a lazy day with an afternoon reading. I am beginning to form the start of my cross stitch, I won't know the design until I'm stitching, it's going to be organic, ie I'm making it up as I go along.

Thursday we had George and Molly,  mummy had their fireplace ripped out, just too loud and messy for the children at home, so we played here, stayed inside all day, loads of music and fun. Today we are taking the bus into town, just a couple of things required, it will be nice to get out.


  1. Isn't it lovely to get rain at last! The new strawberry pots look much sturdier and worth the money, I should think, as they will last longer. Well done on sorting your new phone out, I hate change!

  2. Hope you have more success with the new strawberry pots. I love homegrown strawberries. We still haven't had much rain here but I am sure it will come soon.